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Any day now…. ~ Manhattan Beach Maternity Photographer

Just counting down the days….waiting for the baby….  I wanted to take some shots of my friend, who is pretty much the most beautiful pregnant mama around.  Of course I wanted some great shots for her, but I could only look back at the gazillion lbs. I felt like I gained with my 2nd.    Or actually gained.  Yes, that was it.  🙂   We were lucky enough to have a beautiful sunset, definitely have been spoiled lately in the south bay.  Gorgeous day, darling family and I was so happy to spend some time with them on a nice afternoon at the beach.    (And by the way…the pretty red shirt…pulled off the rack at Banana Republic ~ at 39 weeks.  not. fair.)

And then there is Jack….I wonder if he has any idea that in a few short days he will no longer be the baby…. but better yet, in a few days, he will have a new best friend.

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