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11 days old ~ Manhattan Beach Newborn photographer

I love love loved her little scrunchy face…the double chin and the cheeks….just to die for.    And she slept exactly when I wanted her to…even while big brother raced and crashed his toy cars all around the house…truly amazing.  This family is just so nice, it’s sometimes so fulfilling to get to know people through photographing them…this family is a perfect example.   Mom was the beautiful pregnant mama in the previous sunset beach shoot, and big brother was such a “boy” and brought back memories of my now 6 year old…when he would jump around on every piece of furniture he could physically climb on.   He could also describe in detail the difference between his 50 hot wheels cars…or were they matchbox?  (There IS a difference ~ especially in their house.  🙂  Anyhow, these may just be my some of my favorite shots to date…such a beautiful little baby, and I am so happy for their family.

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