About the Photographer

I am a Manhattan Beach resident, a wife, a mother of 2 amazing children who make me laugh and love them more each day, a die-hard Trojan (even though I have one more year to suffer through suspension….), a professional golfer (technically….still), a photographer (my love and passion)…none of these in any particular order of importance, just what came to mind.


I think this is the part of my blog where you are supposed to get to know me and I am supposed to write something clever and creative of why you should choose me as your photographer.  Well…I have always been much better with numbers than words, so this is a section that will challenge me. 🙂  I LOVE pizza, any kind of pizza….even frozen. (you are thinking yuck….but love a good Digorno) and anything with bread….lots of bread….garlic bread and if you have any balsamic and EVOO to dip it in, even better!  The bottom line is I just like people, like meeting new people and getting to know them.

I also hope that I don’t talk the way I type…but I probably do….I tend to use LOTS of …….and !!!!! and ????? and ~~~~~…..oh boy.  maybe one day it will be the “new grammer.”    Until then, that is what you will be getting from my posts.


My photos are simple, clean & classic.   They aren’t over-processed or over done, they are how I see you and your family, and hopefully how you see them too.  In their element, capturing those emotions that you look back and sigh…remembering you family & kids in that special way.  My daughter has a “nose scrunch” that I have photographed so many times, so i never will forget it…and she has little freckles that are just the cutest.   My son has the cheesiest sh**-eating grin right now that is killing me.  But I still love it….because it’s him, and I wouldn’t change him or his silly smile for anything.


I have always had a love of pictures…I have a horrible memory…and I want to remember all the little things.  All of them.