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Welcome to my blog!

I love all types of photos.  Especially love the ones I take of my children when they don't know I have my camera in my hand.   I love pictures that my kids draw for me and I "post-it" them all over my office.  I love the little things to look back on and remember a special day.  I love old black and white photos of my father when he was in the navy.  I love pictures that my kids take...even though they are out of focus. Because it comes from their heart.

I once took a workshop, and one of the photographers told me to write down and focus on the things I love.   I try and do this every morning ~ it sure is a nice way to start out the day.

I would love to meet you and your family.....if you are interested in booking a session contact me at 310-956-0976 or

The Fagerlind Family | Manhattan Beach Photographer | LACMA

One of the great things about living in LA is all the free stuff you can do.  Like LACMA for example.   There are so many things you can do with your kids there.  The Boone Children’s Gallery is a place they can learn about brush painting and art from Korea and China and they get to create their own masterpiece.  They have story time there as well.  Pretend City is an awesome construction area that has trains and trolleys…the giant rock, the yellow “noodle rain”….seriously so much fun. Also so fun to walk around with these guys for their family session.  Sweetest family always with gorgeous outfits that look amazing in photos.  Their littlest…well she is just a ray of sunshine, always. ♥


The Capron Family | Irvine Family Photographer

This family….the one that you anxiously await their email every holiday because their kids are just do darn awesome.  They are up for anything and I could shoot them all day.  The boys are like puppies…haha, always running around, but are back in a flash when I need them…plus they are so darling and have grown up so much in the past 4 years…and so polite too, a mom’s dream. ♥♥♥   Seriously I am blogging so many photos, it was such a great session and I had so many favorites.

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Manhattan Beach Newborn Photographer | Heidi Walter Photography ~ Sneak Peek

A darling little guy, who was older than I normally photograph and consider “newborn”…but he was perfect….sleepy when he needed to be and also showed me some big beautiful eyes too!

_DSC5890 - WEB

Los Angeles Newborn Photographer | Heidi Walter Photography

I met this family about a year ago to photograph big brother….and my heart melted with his eyes and his smile……well new baby brother had me with his eyelashes.  And that he slept the entire time we took pictures.  He was perfect…..and was such a little peanut and didn’t mind anything we did with him.  Did I mention the lashes??  These are going to be two handsome little guys for sure.  Thank you again for sharing them with me for the morning, my “littles” are not so little anymore and I loved spending time with these two.

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So this is where those gorgeous lashes came from……♥♥

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Los Angeles Headshot Photographer | Heidi Walter Photography | Mr. Tom Sturges


I walked into his garage after he said he was in the “music business”…I don’t know a ton about the music industry so I didn’t expect to recognize anyone he had worked with.  I almost dropped my camera on his cement garage floor when he was rattling off bands that he signed…Smashing Pumpkins, 50 cent, Foo Fighters, Outkast, Jack Johnson….OMG and the list goes on.   And then I’m sure I turned several shades of red for not knowing WHO he was!   Presently a successful author, motivational speaker and teacher at UCLA.  Amazing. It was really a pleasure…and a VERY interesting afternoon.   I could have listened to him talk about creativity all day.  It’s interesting when someone can transform different aspects of being creative from music, to photography to business and sales.   Nice to meet you Mr. Sturges.  Hope we cross paths again.

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