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KROME Photos

5 years behind.  I am barely finishing my children’s First Year Book’s and now I am onto our yearly family books.  But I am 5 years behind.   I have  2 external drives and an online back-up gallery filled with photos from the past  5 or 6 years.   Like many of my friends, I take tons of photos, upload them on my computer to sit there, sit there until I have the time (and energy) to go through them.  I will admit that I have been better over the past few years, once I got a fancy camera and editing software, but I have all these other photos, many that were taken with a point & shoot and admittedly….need some help.

Then I heard about Krome Photos and tried it…and LOVED it. It’s so easy. You upload your photos to their site, the Krome editors will tag, sort and edit your photos and then if you want, you can easily share them directly to Facebook or Shutterfly, etc. What is really fantastic about this is…..for example if you get 50 photos back KROMED…and you only use….say 10 for a photobook or Facebook….you can “unKROME” the photos you didn’t use or don’t need, and your account gets credited back!!! It’s brilliant.

There is a promotion now for new accounts, 25 free KROMED photos.

Look at the original & KROMED photos below. The originals are out of my canon point & shoot, when we were in Hawaii a few years ago.

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