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Olivia ~ Los Angeles Children’s Photographer

Beautiful Olivia…this is the kid that random people I don’t know email me and either ask me how I used photoshop to edit her eyes and sometimes even telling me I have overdone it.  I can say I have never had to touch her eyes specifically with anything.  They are naturally stunning, the whole family has these amazing striking eyes.  So of course I was thrilled to take pictures for her first birthday party.   It was at a cute little park in Pasadena and the decorations looked like something pulled out of Martha Stewart’s house….let alone her magazine!   See… friend Michelle is one of those ultra-creative talented people, who can whip something amazing up in just a matter of minutes.  Which makes me so envious…(but thou shall not envy…is that written anywhere really important???)   So, back to Michelle….she has started an etsy shop for her printable party decorations ~ LittleSugarBean.  Her shop is just getting started, but check back soon for some product for photographers that I am just so excited for.  There are not enough exclamation points for how excited I am.  I dream of her future holiday card templates….   So, the first set of photos are some of the party decorations, the second are some of the desserts ~ OH!  And she is culinarily gifted too.  Not sure that is a word, but whatever…you get the idea.   Check out the printable party sweet treat decorations on the dessert table!   Michelle….you are my idol.

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