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The Lee Family ~ Irvine Family Photographer ~ Heidi Walter Photography

I met Kristina through a mutual friend….she one of those mom’s that you see always put together, looking fabulous(even at the gym ~ so not fair), has 2 of the most well behaved children I have ever met…and she is nice…like Mother Teresa nice.   Kristina, you are my idol. 🙂   And I was excited to meet the whole family in Huntington Beach on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. { Can anyone hook me up with some more sunny afternoons at the beach??? }

This shoot was a perfect example of why I love what I do….nice people…kids that were some of the cutest ever and so polite…and Charlie was funny….comedian funny…I couldn’t stop laughing.  I am saving some of the family photos for their card…so, have to keep those a secret for now.  Hope to see you guys soon…maybe next time I visit you twin… :).

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