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The Herrera Family | Seal Beach Family Photographer | Heidi Walter Photography

Blogged!!!  I actually am back on the blog.  Seriously it’s been crazy….I have not had a chance to post any of the many many family sessions I took over the holidays.  If I blogged, it means I wouldn’t have a chance to shower…..and if I DID have a chance to shower, usually meant kids had to eat in the cafeteria that day at school, because there wasn’t time to make lunch.  And if I did have time to make lunch…means that there was no cleaning up after the daily bomb that goes off in our house…..blah blah blah…you get the idea.  Basically there is still an advent calendar hanging on the back of my front door….and some of you will get a Happy Valentine’s Day stamp on the back of the New Year’s card that didn’t quite get sent. 🙂  And I know I am preaching to the choir, but it seems like I am finally getting caught up and getting to the oh so neglected blog.    All the emails of clients asking me if I am going to blog their session….with a wink happy face was sometimes barely responded to….and I’m sorry!!!  I will get to all of them even if it means foregoing a shower here and there…ha ha.

Anyhow, had to start with these as mom I’m not sure has even seen ALL of these…we whipped out a few for the holiday card and the others went into a black hole. I love these little guys…little Julia is now one!!!  So big so fast…and she’s a doll.  Looks exactly like her big brothers.  Gorgeous as the rest….well look at mom & dad, gorgeousness runs in the family.   Miss you guys…we need to hit that little pub again…soon.  xoxo

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