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The Capron Family | Irvine Family Photographer

I find myself saying over and over that is was so much fun to take pictures of a family….well of course it’s usually a great time….otherwise I would not be doing this!!  However this family is truly one of my favorites.  This is our 4th year together and it’s been amazing to see the kids grow.  The littlest was maybe one when we first took their holiday photos and now she is already just a mini person!  Already, in just that short amount of time.  The boys are  hysterically funny, not funny to laugh at, but funny like I would totally enjoy hanging out with them as they have the most witty comments and remarks.  And jokes….oh the jokes little boys tell.  🙂 I was so excited about this location that was suggested by mom, I have always heard about this train station in San Juan Capistrano, but I never knew what the rules were…sometimes if the locations are  historical, or national parks, it’s very easy to get in trouble very quickly if you don’t have a permit. 🙂  It all worked out perfectly and now this location is my new favorite, I just wish it wasn’t so far!!  Definitely can’t wait to go back!  And this was just a perfect day, it was pretty HOT, but no one complained (well…..maybe except me… :))

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