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One Year | Hermosa Beach Photographer | Heidi Walter Photography

Meet the happiest, smiliest, most easy going kid I think I have met in about 4 years of sessions…  Now they are all pretty easy going, happy and enjoy the camera, but nothing like this one. Every time I called her name she looked at me with a cute little toothy grin.  She wasn’t afraid at all, it was was such a fun session.  Plus she was just darling and talked more than most one year olds too!!  This area has become a favorite place to shoot, the light is always perfect, it’s quiet and safe and pretty confined for my little clients that like to “run”.  Plus, we can always hear the peacocks in the background and sometimes they even walk down the street out in plain view.  Very exciting. 🙂

This is also coming to be my new favorite age.  Everything is exciting, just walking and how they just want to be held and snuggled by their parents.  It’s just so cute and I’ll be honest I miss it.  My littles are not so little anymore, 8 & 10 years old, and they will still let me hug and kiss them before school {they actually ask for it!!!!!}..but that will not last much longer.  So its so fun to get to know these little ones and hang out with them for a short amount of time.   I always leave sessions remembering mine at this age.  Lots of the kiddos have similar characteristics of mine, from teeth to pony tails to wobbly walking styles.   Just another reason I am grateful for my clients..sharing their little ones with me. ♥♥

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