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Mason ~ Manhattan Beach Newborn Photographer

This one is special to me as Mason is the newest addition to one of my favorite friends and all around favorite families.  I just love the kids…their kids are friends with my kids, and they are are super close in age and one of our kids even share the same birthday…anyhow, so fun to know this family and share so many kid experiences.  I think we all have “those” friends that we feel like we have known a lifetime, and feel so blessed to have in our lives.

So Mason is the newest member and he, just like the others was as sweet as can be.  Love the cheeks and double chin and he slept the entire time.  I believe he was just 7 days old here.   I had to stay a little extra so I could hold him, which I build into my portrait agreements..”snuggle time”.  Well, maybe not, exactly….but it sure is fun to hold the new ones, even for a little bit.  Congratulations my dear friends, you have a beautiful family and we are so lucky to know you all.

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