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Manhattan Beach Photographer ~ Heidi Walter Photography

I swear I think the kids are getting cuter and cuter and just more fun….  These little ones were so friendly and easy going…usually shoots with this age of children are fairly short….I was so surprised to look at my watch at the end and we had played around for almost 2 hours!!!

I still can’t believe these little ones lasted so long…but in the end, the littlest was finally done and her brother was soaked from head to toe.  We got some great photos, and I really enjoyed spending some time with some new friends.  (One of the best parts of this whole process….)

And I really love the candid beach shots…sometimes they are hard because you want to get them in a moment, but still see their face and their expression.   I love love love the way they just played with their kids like any other afternoon at the beach.  It was very sweet to watch.  And I think I just had to do the same thing the very next afternoon. 🙂

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