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Manhattan Beach Maternity Photographer | Heidi Walter Photography

I am blessed with beautiful clients….and soooooo nice….sometimes I just can’t get over how nice and friendly people are.  I mean…I live in California….haha, right?  All kidding aside, I swear I just meet the sweetest people.  Like these two…so lovely, so nice….mama to be is gorgeous….dad has an australian accent.  That never gets old… 🙂  And just a beautiful night at the beach.  We were holding off and waiting for some nice weather but the baby was coming soon so we had to just go for it.  And it turned out to be just a perfect outing…I loved the colors that they chose, it really brought out the colors in the ocean.  I’m pretty excited for their little one to arrive…going to be one cute baby!


October 28, 2013 - 7:51 pm J - Hello, We are interested a maternity photo session. Can you provide some info on availability, service, and pricing? Thank you, J

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