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Kaden turns One! ~ Korean First Birthday

A fun, somewhat traditional Korean 1st Birthday with a luau twist. ūüôā ¬†Kaden’s mom did a fabulous job with the decorations, the cake, ¬†the head table and all the colors. Kaden, being so little did so great for such a huge event. ¬†(Although he was not thrilled with the hat on his traditional outfit….he was a trooper).

I especially LOVE the “choosing” game. ¬†Where the guests put a ticket in the glass of what they think the baby will “choose”. ¬†The choices being what they may grow up to be, an athlete, scholar, long life, wealth, musician, etc. ¬†Check out one photo below where dad is pointing at the football and Kaden is headed towards the book…too funny. ¬†And very cute. ¬†It’s such a neat tradition, everyone gets so excited.

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