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Emma is Two! | Manhattan Beach Children’s Photographer

Emma belongs to our favorite 1st grade teacher. ♥♥  Although this shoot was a few months ago, Emma was in the throws of being 2…lots of no’s, running around and scrunchy noses.  And tons and tons of smiles.  I brought my now first grader along for the shoot as she is a wonder with the […]

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Kate’s First Birthday ~ Palos Verdes Children’s Photographer

Well after months and months of shooting Kate….she is 1. And she brought all her little looks with her…my favorite being the inquisitive one where she looks at me like I am a little bit crazy. 🙂   She was especially happy to get her cupcake, there wasn’t much to “smash….” as between her and […]

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Six ~ Manhattan Beach Photographer

My baby girl is six…and in kindergarten…and has just gotten her ears pierced.  I am so lucky that she is still “little”…not six going on twenty.  That will be next year, I’m sure of it.   She still now likes to sneak into my room at night, likes to read me stories and gives me […]

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Ethan & Owen ~ Huntington Beach Photographer

Who wouldn’t get excited over these two???  I’m sure their mom gets stopped all the time with people telling them how gorgeous her boys are!  Maybe you remember when little Owen was still in the tummy?  Well everyone else in the family has stunning blue eyes, no wonder the boys look like they do.  (And […]

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Brothers ~ Los Angeles Children’s Photographer

A little peek at a gallery I am working on.   I seriously nearly fell off my chair when I saw this photo being downloaded…..these 3 are as sweet and charming as they are cute.  Especially the littlest one….he is just a doll. ♥

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