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This may have been one of my favorite sessions to date!!   They are always fun and really, if you have looked at my photos in the past…the kids are pretty darn cute.   Abby was just as cute as can be with parents as nice as they come and perfect light that definitely does not come around every day….especially in June…..with our traditional June gloom.   And I love little ones that have different “looks”.  I sometimes find that parents get nervous during their session when they are not getting the “smiles” that they really want for a picture on their wall or  for their album.  I really enjoy getting all the looks, of course the smiles, which sometimes we work very hard for….but I love the scrunchy noses and the looks of a little confusion when we are jumping up and down or singing Wonder Pets songs. (which I did by the way….maybe it was Dora….)  And I made sure this family knew they were not paying extra for my vocals.  🙂    Anyhow, I have been on vacation and apparently the internet in Hawaii is not -giant file jpeg- friendly…so I haven’t been able to get them their photos.  Here is a little more extensive preview of their beautiful family.  Smiles all around and such apparent joy for their sweet little girl. ♥

July 20, 2011 - 8:42 pm Jeanne - I want this baby's eyelashes! What a doll!

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