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Your newborn session

Pricing for your newborn session ~

$465 ~ Includes:

~ 2 location max photo session.  (no time limit….newborns have their own time frame AND agendas. 🙂

~ $200 print credit (prints, announcements, albums, any product you may be interested in)

~ Accordion album bonus:  set of 3 identical mini-albums

When to schedule your newborn session ~

The first 2 weeks are best when taking newborn pictures.  I prefer about 5-10 days old as the baby is sleepy and rather bendy. 🙂  And they don’t mind the sleeping poses that are so popular for newborn photos.  When scheduling your newborn session, just let me know your due date and we will make a tentative session appt. after that.  I completely understand that babies are on their OWN schedule…so I am very flexible with my newborn sessions, so just keep me in the loop and it will be perfectly fine to move your newborn session around.

Location of your newborn session ~

95% of the time, I will do newborn sessions in your home…in the new baby’s room, your bedroom or wherever the light is pretty and the baby is happy. Sometimes we will go outside, but I want it to be as easy as possible for the new mommy.  Please don’t worry about cleaning up….newborn sessions usually take a little more time and we can clean around things as needed.  I was a new mom too at one time….a clean house is WAY down the list of your new priority list.  Also think about me where you think you have the most light and what time of day….through a window, glass door, skylights….etc.

How long a newborn session takes ~

Because newborns are “new” and sometimes very unpredictable with sleeping and eating….I allow extra time.  Please don’t feel rushed or stressed because the baby is not cooperating.  There is plenty of time to feed your baby, get them to sleep and allow us to get pictures.  They really can take anywhere from 2-4 hours depending on how the baby is doing.

Preparing for your newborn session ~

There are definitely some things you can do to give us the best opportunity for a cooperative baby.  First, turn up the heat in your home or in the room that we will be taking pictures in.  Even a space heater is exceptionally helpful.  Newborns love it warm and cozy, and ultimately we will be undressing them .  About 75+ degrees is optimal.   Second, if you can feed your newborn about 30 minutes before I arrive and change their diaper, and keep it very loose, it typically will be coming off for pictures. 🙂  Loose diaper = no diaper marks or scratches on the baby.   I am happy to do nursing pictures as well if that is something you would like.  Lastly, after the baby is fed, changed take off their clothes (except diaper) to sleep….and have ready any blankets, booties or anything that you would like for the photos.  Anything sentimental or that was a gift that you would like to include.

What to wear?

Newborns ~  Diaper and that is it!  Skin is in!

Mom ~  I recommend black shirts and pants or a skirt, it’s flattering on a new mommy and a naked baby looks amazing against a black background..  I love skin on skin daddy photos too….so I may suggest dad’s shirt to come off.  It’s not mandatory, these are your pictures….but just some suggestions.


Relax, enjoy this time with your new little one and trust me.  I want to give you photos that you will look back on and remember that little bundle that will certainly grow very very quickly.  I have 2 of my own who are 5 & 7 and I swear it seems like yesterday that they were so little.