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The family session!

MY STYLE ~ My family are FUN.   If you have ever been to Sears, Picture People or anything like that….I am the complete opposite. I love to have the kids playing, running, interacting with their surrounding and their family.   The last thing I want children to think is that “they are going to take pictures.”  I typically tell my clients to say that we are going to play & see our friend Heidi & she may have her camera.

I don’t like to rush, I tend to let the kids play around, with sticks, stones, leaves, whatever it is….and get them comfortable while snapping some shots. Some of the best pictures are those “in between” moments.  I will always get those yummy portraits with the bright eyes and cute smiles, but much of my work is a less posed and more natural.  This also makes it more enjoyable for the little ones.  And that is one of my goals…to make if fun for the kids,and  get to know them…. that’s where the really great pictures happen.

LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION ~ I am a natural light photographer…so that means…that I use the light that is available to me.  I can be your house, yard, favorite park, beach…whatever.  Some people prefer a beach feel, some like grass and trees and some prefer a more urban look that we can find around town.  Whatever suits you and your family we will do…it’s part of our pre-consultation where we will talk specifically about what you are looking for in pictures.

ARE WE DONE YET?? ~  Just kidding….I really try to get as much out of a session as I can.  If you have a little one that needs to get in and out and be done as quickly as we can…then that is what we do.  If the kids will do a couple locations, play and have some snacks, and take pictures in between, then a session can last up to a couple hours.  I rarely schedule multiple clients in one day so I can really focus on them completely.  I am never going to rush you out because another family is waiting at another location.

WHAT TO WEAR? ~  White shirts & jeans.  Kidding again…if you are reading all this…maybe a joke or two will help break it up. 🙂  Please please please bring me some color!!!  I love color, bright sweaters, stripes, hats, beanies, bows, all of it.  I have kids wear their “favorite” shirt or shoes…Any variety you can add to the shoot will really bring out your pictures.  Variety is key.  Families don’t need to match, but coordinate.  We can always talk in our pre-consultation about wardrobe choices.

EXPECTATIONS ~ After you decide that I am your style of photographer  I will send you over a price list and a portrait agreement.  I typically like to discuss location and wardrobe and make sure my clients are comfortable with what they are going to wear and where we are going to shoot.  About 2 weeks after the shoot you will have a slideshow or a gallery of images to choose from.  Orders must be placed within 2 weeks of receiving your gallery or slideshow.   I will keep your digital images for 2 years from the date of your session.  Print and canvas orders are typically received about 2 weeks after they are placed.  Albums will take about 4-6 weeks depending on the time of year.