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Kaden turns One! ~ Korean First Birthday

A fun, somewhat traditional Korean 1st Birthday with a luau twist. 🙂  Kaden’s mom did a fabulous job with the decorations, the cake,  the head table and all the colors. Kaden, being so little did so great for such a huge event.  (Although he was not thrilled with the hat on his traditional outfit….he was […]

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Three boys under the age of six, with the best manners you will ever see.   Love these little boys, they ran and ran….and ran some more.  And they could have lasted all evening.  They definitely outlasted me this night. They entertained me for over 2 hours and even though I was finished they still […]

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Sisters ~ Manhattan Beach Photographer

These girls were so cute…I love to watch sisters be sisters.  Even though they are a a few years apart, it was so cute to watch the big/little sister bond.  I am an only child, so I of course always wanted a sister.  Most of my close friends have a bunch of sisters, so I […]

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Kylie ~ Orange County Children’s Photographer

So, I believe I have mentioned in the last couple posts about the excessive shooting of 2 year olds….mind you, love them too, but there is something about a 5 year old girls (I have one myself….) that just makes it plain easy.  And this one was easy…and fun and she did everything I asked […]

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Brothers ~ Orange County Children’s Photographer

Boys…brothers….so fun!  I have a boy and a girl which is so different than having g 2 boys run around, run some more, wrestle, punch each other, jump around….and just be….boys!  They actually listened to the majority of what I said, which was pretty impressive considering we fit this photo session minutes before the oldest […]

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