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That’s the problem with photos sometimes, you want pictures of your children and then sometimes you look at them and wonder where your “little ones” went???  They were literally JUST there asking for help getting dressed, brushing their teeth, or for some orange juice.  Whatever it is, seems like from one minute to the next, they grow up.

This sweet little girl, at age six, talking about kindergarten, field trips and her favorite Barbie movies, I swear I looked at the downloaded images and wanted to confirm with her mom that she was only 6???  And it’s not to say my style is what is making her look so grown up, I think sometimes, especially with the girls…you get these split-second glimpses of what they will be like and look like in the future.   I have a 5 year old and sometimes she says something or looks at me in a way that is well beyond her years.  And I will smile or cry…depending on the number of people around. 🙂

I so enjoyed my time with Claire on a rather freezing cold day in Palos Verdes.  And to my east coast friends…freezing means about 60 and breezy.  Californians are soft…I know. 🙂   Although it’s always enjoyable, this day was especially fun for me, she basically did everything I asked of her right on cue.  I got a giant hug at the end and she made her mom drive down to where I was parked so she knew I got into my car OK.  So sweet and thoughtful.   Seriously, only 6.



June 5, 2011 - 9:11 pm admin - Palos Verdes... :) We can go one day.....

June 5, 2011 - 8:23 pm Tiffany Esquino - Ohhhhhhhhhh love these pics....where were you?? Beautiful work!!

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