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Olivia ~ Manhattan Beach Photographer

You may remember Olivia in her ruffle bottom from a couple weeks ago.  Well I am now just getting to the rest of our session.  I have been so busy with holiday sessions and cards that I have barely had any time to blog anything.  So, if you have your photos and haven’t seen it blogged…just haven’t had time. 🙂  My two munchkins have been keeping me busy with various activities, which I have been thoroughly enjoying.

Anyhow, Olivia is just so cute, and those eyes.  Loved spending the morning with her and her ultra-beautiful parents.  Michelle ~ just jealous of your hair…you know that. 🙂  Michelle does all my logo’s marketing, stickers….she has made me the most amazing stickers.  She is so talented I can’t even stand it.  Great hair AND a great eye for graphic design….and she (of course…) is just so nice.  Love working with her.  Thanks guys for such a fun morning….Olivia was such a trooper, 3 locations  & 3 clothing changes!!!

November 30, 2010 - 1:14 pm Mark Stangeland - Heidi, I'm Michelle's Dad. I just needed to tell you that those are some of the most beautiful photographs I've ever seen! You truly captured the essence of their little family in all the best ways! Thank you so much, you did a fabulous job! I'm so happy! most sincerely, Olivia's Grandpa, Mark

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