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Max, Adam & Charlie ~ Los Angeles Children’s Photographer

I love this family….Jenny & I became friends when our children started preschool a few years ago.   She is one of those people that you instantly like.  And one of those people that you know that you will always be friends with.  And her boys can’t be cuter, sweeter or more well behaved.  The little one, he just makes me weak in the knees…he’s a bit of a snuggler.  🙂   I am so excited for baby #4…I mean really….look how cute the rest of them are!

This was such a fun morning, boys will be boys.  We played with sticks, stones, dirt, trees, climbed fences, rocks and found ants and bugs. 🙂  So fun to just follow them around and see what they do next.   Great day…loved seeing you guys!  ♥


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