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Love ~ Manhattan Beach Newborn Photographer

Meet the sweetest little girl ever.  Barely made a peep the entire session.  The best part was when her mom said that she had to run and get her boys from school and she would be back in a little while….. (it’s ok..we have been friends for several years…..)  Anyhow, the dilemma is; do I hold this precious baby the whole time claim she was fussy or …actually take pictures. 🙂   Well, honestly I did a little of both.  She was so teeny and my heart just melted holding her.  And she has 3 of the most amazing big brothers a littlest sister could ever ask for.  Her mom had asked to see if we could do a certain photo with the boys and the baby and by the end of the session, having 4 kids under the age of 6…well, everyone was pretty much done.  White shirts with chocolate granola bar residue, smudged smiling faces, and three little boys dying to go outside and play.  We did get them wrangled for a few more minutes, got what I think in my portfolio is “the photo” and called it a day.  Here is the newest addition and I could’t help adding mom’s words of  announcing the newest love in her life:

Julia Frances

Named in honor of her perfect and beautiful Aunt Julie

Loved and protected by her three big brothers

And insanely adored by her very happy mama, daddy and big crazy family.

(and if I could add…Guarded forever, by an angel in heaven.)♥

One of my favorites…it’s funny how most  moms will worry about the flaky skin….I love it, one of those things that you forget so fast, but when you see it, reminds you of how tiny and brand new your child once was.


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