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Three boys under the age of six, with the best manners you will ever see.   Love these little boys, they ran and ran….and ran some more.  And they could have lasted all evening.  They definitely outlasted me this night. They entertained me for over 2 hours and even though I was finished they still wanted more.  The twins would run around shouting “Mrs. Walter…take a picture of meeeeeeee!”….too cute.  Like I said, they were so polite and cute.  Our pictures were for primarily for a Father’s Day album…check out the DAD photos below.   They had so much fun with the letters….although they kept switching spots so I had to keep rearranging them to spell DAD correctly.   Which was actually pretty amusing.  I love clever kids that try and be funny….reminds me of my own little ones. ♥♥

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