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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Daddy’s Fingers | Redondo Beach Newborn Photographer | Heidi Walter Photography

A preview of the most perfect little guy….he had the most beautiful eyes…and loved all of his hair. ♥  {Does anyone see that dad is holding his left hand??? ……gotta develop that left hand for pitching….left handed pitchers do pretty well I hear.}  🙂

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Los Angeles Headshot Photographer | Heidi Walter Photography

My littlest is so big now.  she needed some new headshots and it’s crazy to see how grown up she sometimes looks.  They grow up so fast, but she is becoming such an amazing little person. ♥

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The Herrera Family | Seal Beach Family Photographer | Heidi Walter Photography

Blogged!!!  I actually am back on the blog.  Seriously it’s been crazy….I have not had a chance to post any of the many many family sessions I took over the holidays.  If I blogged, it means I wouldn’t have a chance to shower…..and if I DID have a chance to shower, usually meant kids had […]

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