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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Tyler ~ 6 months | Manhattan Beach Children’s Photographer

This is pretty much the happiest kid I have ever seen.  He was literally laughing at (hopefully with….)me the entire time.  I just love his shirtlessness and chubby arms.  And the closer I got with my camera to those EYES….the bluer and sparklier they became!!!  He was just too cute.  I photographed him as a […]

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I Heart Faces ~ White

My entry this week, since we have not been keeping up on our yard, we have had more wishing flowers this year that I have ever seen.  Check out this week on I Heart Faces for lots of “white” photos!

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I Heart Faces ~ Pets

Crossed.  This is our kitty, Sasha the Siamese cat with crossed eyes and a crooked tail.  A picture of Sasha was facebooked by a Siamese-owner good friend of mine and she was ours 6 hours later…..after 2 hours of questions and grilling by the kitty rescue foundation.   Her favorite thing to do is to […]

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Dylan ~ Palos Verdes Children’s Photographer

She’s getting so big and grown up.  I guess that just happens.  It’s been fun photographing Dylan since she was just a year old.  Same striking blue eyes and now she has lovely blond wavy hair and so much to say!  We took a little walk in a park in Palos Verdes, found some beautiful […]

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Brothers ~ Los Angeles Children’s Photographer

A little peek at a gallery I am working on.   I seriously nearly fell off my chair when I saw this photo being downloaded…..these 3 are as sweet and charming as they are cute.  Especially the littlest one….he is just a doll. ♥

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