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Welcome to my blog!

I love all types of photos.  Especially love the ones I take of my children when they don't know I have my camera in my hand.   I love pictures that my kids draw for me and I "post-it" them all over my office.  I love the little things to look back on and remember a special day.  I love old black and white photos of my father when he was in the navy.  I love pictures that my kids take...even though they are out of focus. Because it comes from their heart.

I once took a workshop, and one of the photographers told me to write down and focus on the things I love.   I try and do this every morning ~ it sure is a nice way to start out the day.

I would love to meet you and your family.....if you are interested in booking a session contact me at 310-956-0976 or

Manhattan Beach Newborn Photographer | Heidi Walter Photography

A preview of the most darling children…and sweet….and polite….and the most perfect little addition to their family.  ♥


Manhattan Beach Newborn Photographer | Heidi Walter Photography

These two big brothers are one of the reasons I love to take pictures.  They were completely infatuated with their new little sister and they were so much fun, so happy and so eager to help me with taking pictures.  I have known the brothers since early preschool and I can’t believe that they are in elementary school…well at least the older is.  Time flies….  This sweet little girl will be so lucky growing up with these two. 🙂  She was so calm and sleepy, made for darling photos, such a beautiful little family. ♥

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Redondo Beach Newborn Photographer | Heidi Walter Photography

Sessions are all custom and this one was all about new baby B.  I almost died when I saw the little knitted cowboy boots that mom had for him.  Plus the light was beautiful and the baby was perfect.  Nice and sleepy with an occasional smile, yawn and of course he was nice enough to show me his beautiful eyes.   I loved the nursery, it was just so cute with all the little details of books, pictures and artwork.  {I wish I had that talent of decorating.}

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Orange County Headshots | Kids Headshots | Heidi Walter Photography

♥♥♥…one of my favorites.


February 23, 2014 - 4:14 pm Cole Castelane - My dad is Ron Castelane, thought I would say hi ! Cole , Carla Brett and Quinn Castelane

Los Angeles Headshot Photographer | Model Headshots | Kids Headshots

Sweet little guy with the cutest personality!!!  Loved him!


Best Face of 2013 | I Heart Faces | Heidi Walter Photography

One of my favorite headshot sessions of 2013, sweet little girl with the most beautiful eyes.  Lots of amazing entries this year over on I Heart Faces!




Dylan & Minnie | Redondo Beach Photographer

I think my 4th year photographing this family, Dylan was just one when we first took pictures.  I love that she brought her Minnie Mouse…some people are afraid that a toy will take away from the pictures or the day, however I look at these pictures and it’s a sweet memory.   I reminded her that she had brought Minnie last Christmas and she promptly reminded me that it was NOT Minnie, but she brought Rudolph.  And of course, she was right.  {Just about everyone has a better memory than I do…especially the littles.}  They remember everything.  But I loved the location, they have an awesome boat in the Redondo Beach Marina…the day was beautiful and sunny and Dylan came with her “cheese” smile, that I definitely wanted a few of…because it was still pretty cute. 🙂 She has a ton of expressions, and is just as sweet as can be.

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The Capron Family | Irvine Family Photographer

I find myself saying over and over that is was so much fun to take pictures of a family….well of course it’s usually a great time….otherwise I would not be doing this!!  However this family is truly one of my favorites.  This is our 4th year together and it’s been amazing to see the kids grow.  The littlest was maybe one when we first took their holiday photos and now she is already just a mini person!  Already, in just that short amount of time.  The boys are  hysterically funny, not funny to laugh at, but funny like I would totally enjoy hanging out with them as they have the most witty comments and remarks.  And jokes….oh the jokes little boys tell.  🙂 I was so excited about this location that was suggested by mom, I have always heard about this train station in San Juan Capistrano, but I never knew what the rules were…sometimes if the locations are  historical, or national parks, it’s very easy to get in trouble very quickly if you don’t have a permit. 🙂  It all worked out perfectly and now this location is my new favorite, I just wish it wasn’t so far!!  Definitely can’t wait to go back!  And this was just a perfect day, it was pretty HOT, but no one complained (well…..maybe except me… :))

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The Slusser Family | Hermosa Beach Photographer

This is my second year photographing this family, and as the small world has it, their son is on our club soccer team so it’s been great getting to know them and their darling little ones.  The baby was not even sitting up last year, and this year she is immediately her own little person.  It just that short of amount of time.  It’s amazing how fast they develop likes, dislikes, and opinions.   Little one now knows me by my keys and phone…so every time she sees me she is looking in my hands and my pockets.  Anyhow, the kids could not be sweeter, and photo sessions are just that much more enjoyable when you know the kids.  It has been so beautiful lately in Manhattan Beach, it seems like each day the sunset gets more and more filled with pinks yellows and bright orange colors.

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The Sutton Family | Hermosa Beach Photographer

One of the best things is seeing my clients families grow…I first met this family a few years ago and Connor was just barely one…and now a couple years later, he has a darling sister who this year, turned one.  She bears a striking resemblance to my own {now 8 year old}…..with her scrunchy nose smile and little teeth.   Plus she immediately wanted me to hold her when I first showed up…♥     I love photos for lots of reasons, of course…but mainly for capturing those “little things” about  your family…  Baby girl does the cutest thing with her hands…I think she was playing peek-a-boo…but it was so cute and it showed up in a bunch of photos…and I just love it.   And big brother with that infectious smile and laugh that you just can’t help falling for.   Plus they just can’t take a bad picture.  #score  !!!! 🙂   Thank you so much for sharing your little ones with me.


November 24, 2013 - 12:39 pm Shachella - We are coming from out of town and want to take family portraits at Huntington beach. We are staying at the Hyatt. What is your pricing for a session and images?