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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Tyler ~ 6 months | Manhattan Beach Children’s Photographer

This is pretty much the happiest kid I have ever seen.  He was literally laughing at (hopefully with….)me the entire time.  I just love his shirtlessness and chubby arms.  And the closer I got with my camera to those EYES….the bluer and sparklier they became!!!  He was just too cute.  I photographed him as a […]

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I Heart Faces ~ White

My entry this week, since we have not been keeping up on our yard, we have had more wishing flowers this year that I have ever seen.  Check out this week on I Heart Faces for lots of “white” photos!

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I Heart Faces ~ Pets

Crossed.  This is our kitty, Sasha the Siamese cat with crossed eyes and a crooked tail.  A picture of Sasha was facebooked by a Siamese-owner good friend of mine and she was ours 6 hours later…..after 2 hours of questions and grilling by the kitty rescue foundation.   Her favorite thing to do is to […]

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Dylan ~ Palos Verdes Children’s Photographer

She’s getting so big and grown up.  I guess that just happens.  It’s been fun photographing Dylan since she was just a year old.  Same striking blue eyes and now she has lovely blond wavy hair and so much to say!  We took a little walk in a park in Palos Verdes, found some beautiful […]

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Brothers ~ Los Angeles Children’s Photographer

A little peek at a gallery I am working on.   I seriously nearly fell off my chair when I saw this photo being downloaded…..these 3 are as sweet and charming as they are cute.  Especially the littlest one….he is just a doll. ♥

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My entry this week is an older one, but one of my all-time favorites.  Every photo from his session had these beautiful blue eyes that went straight into my heart. ♥ Head on over to i heart faces…there will be some great photos this week for sure!

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Manhattan Beach Maternity Photographer

This was one of my favorite sessions for so many reasons, the light was amazing, Stephanie and her husband were so nice and friendly, and she really did a fantastic job with her wardrobe.  Color, texture and a great fit, it really helps make a session.  And they were so patient, we started pretty early […]

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I heart faces ~ friendship

My submission this week….one of my absolute favorite pics of my daughter and her little BFF…I love this picture, the expressions, the princess dresses….they are growing up so fast. Head on over to for some other darling pictures!

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Sarah & Aaron ~ Palos Verdes Maternity Photographer

Sarah is one of  “those” ones that make being pregnant look easy – and looking amazing WHILE she is making it look easy.   She and her hubby were up for anything this perfect southern California sunny evening. We took a little hike(more like a walk) and ended up with some amazing photos.  Really the […]

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